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Oil Spill Bioremediation Kit

$9.95 - $98.80

Grades 9–12. Simulate a marine oil spill in your classroom! Students observe microorganisms consume oil and learn how bioremediation works. Materials in this kit are sufficient for 32 students working in pairs.

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Use a small-scale simulation to collect evidence that microorganisms can be used in the bioremediation of oil spills.

PE: HS-LS4-6
Time Requirement: 3 45-minute Class Periods

SEP: Asking Questions and Defining Problems; Engaging in Argument from Evidence
CCC: Cause and Effect
DCI: LS4.D: Biodiversity in Humans

Grades 9–12. Allow your students to simulate the bioremediation of marine oil spills using microorganisms that consume oil. In a controlled experiment, students apply a suspension of oil-degrading microbes to a small amount of oil and chemical indicator in a culture tube. A color change in the indicator signifies a breakdown in the oil's chemical structure. Observations are recorded over a period of 4 days. Kit materials are sufficient for 32 students working in pairs. Kit Refill (item #181325, sold separately) replenishes all the kit's consumable items.




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