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Carolina Investigations® for Use with AP® Biology: Exploring Animal Behavior with Isopods 8-Station Kit (with prepaid coupon)

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Students explore animal behavior through habitat preference, conduct a chi-square analysis of class data, and consider the ultimate question of how behavior impacts survival. In the Guided Investigation, students perform a habitat choice assay (wet vs. dry) and observe exploratory and choice behavior in adult isopods. Students use choice chambers and filter paper to test for habitat preference. Class data are pooled and analyzed using chi-square, enabling students to form conclusions about isopod habitat preferences and to address the ultimate question of how this behavior benefits the organism. In the Inquiry Investigation, students develop and follow an experimental plan to investigate another aspect of isopod behavior. Kit includes enough materials for 8 groups. Note: Kit includes a prepaid coupon to request perishable material later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable material.

Unit Connection
Unit 8: Ecology, topic 8.1: Responses to the Environment

Standards Connection
ENE-3 Timing and coordination of biological mechanisms involved in growth, reproduction, and homeostasis depend on organisms responding to environmental cues.
IST-5 Transmission of information results in changes within and between biological systems.

Time Requirement
60 minutes of preparation before each of the following: Pre-Lab, Guided Investigation, and Inquiry Investigation. The Pre-Lab will take approximately 45 minutes. The Guided Investigation will take approximately 60 minutes. The time required for the Inquiry Investigation will vary based on students' plans.

Digital Resources
Includes 1-year access to digital resources that support instruction. Digital resources may include a teacher manual and student guide, pre-lab activities and setup videos, simulations, and post-lab analysis and assessments.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills
Students should be familiar with natural selection, experimental design, graphical representations of data, algebraic calculations, and chi-square analysis.

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What’s Included:
  • 100 Isopods (sowbugs/pillbugs)
  • 8 Choice Chamber
  • 100 Filter Paper
  • 8 Sorting Brush
  • 8 Pipet
  • 8 Cup, Paper, 3 oz
  • 1 Carolina Science Online® Resources (1-year subscription)
  • 1 Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide
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Needed But Not Included:
  • 8 Stopwatch or Timer
  • 8 Beaker (or cup) of Springwater
  •  Isopod Habitat Materials (optional)
  •  Various Soil Types (optional)
  •  Various Liquids (optional)
  •  Various Substrates (optional)
  •  Light Sources (optional)
  •  Temperature Sources (optional)
  •  Food Sources (optional)
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