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Carolina Investigations® for Use with AP® Biology: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis

$12.95 - $119.80

Product Highlights

  • Explore plant pigments and discover how different factors affect the rate of photosynthesis
  • Connected to Unit 3: Cellular Energetics, topic 3.5: Photosynthesis
  • Addresses content in Enduring Understandings ENE-1


Student explore plant pigments and discover how different factors affect the rate of photosynthesis. In the Guided Investigation, students first use chromatography to separate pigments found in spinach or ivy leaves. Then they use spectrophotometers or colorimeters to measure the percent light transmittance in 3 different treatments of chloroplast suspension—boiled and kept in light, unboiled and kept in light, and boiled and kept in dark. In the Inquiry Investigation, students consider the techniques and findings of the Guided Investigation and design an investigation to further explore photosynthetic pigments or the light reactions of photosynthesis. Kit includes enough materials for 8 groups. Note: Order the kit with the perishable material included or with a voucher to request perishable material later at your convenience. Contact us or return the voucher to request delivery of perishable material.

Unit Connection
Unit 3: Cellular Energetics, topic 3.5: Photosynthesis

Standards Connection
ENE-1 The highly complex organization of living systems requires constant input of energy and the exchange of macromolecules.

Time Requirements
60 minutes of preparation each before the Pre-Lab and Guided Investigation and approximately 20 minutes before the Inquiry Investigation. The Pre-Lab takes approximately 60 minutes, while the Guided Investigation takes approximately 90 minutes that can be divided. The time required for the Inquiry Investigation will vary based on students' plans.

Digital Resources
Includes 1-year access to digital resources that support instruction. Digital resources may include a teacher manual and student guide, pre-lab activities and setup videos, simulations, and post-lab analysis and assessments.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills
Students should be familiar with the basic processes and requirements of photosynthesis, enzyme catalysis, and the use of a spectrophotometer or a colorimeter.

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