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CO2OL Demonstrations with Dry Ice Kit


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Five inquiry-minded activities using dry ice show your students multiple chemistry concepts in spectacular ways. Concepts covered include states of matter, phase changes, phase diagrams, sublimation, density, buoyancy, solubility, and pH. In "Dry Ice Explosion," students watch dry ice melt then boil inside a sealed pipet bulb until the bulb explodes. With "It Sinks, It Floats," students observe a piece of dry ice sink in water until sublimed bubbles of carbon dioxide buoy the ice and cause it to rise to the surface. In "Floating Bubbles," students see soap bubbles initially rest on a bed of carbon dioxide gas, then expand, then sink as carbon dioxide diffuses into the bubbles, increasing their density. In "Foaming Rainbow," students watch dry ice drop in a soapy solution of universal indicator and see the evolved gas dissolve and lower the solution's pH, made visible by the indicator. For the finale, "Dry Ice Fire Extinguisher," they observe carbon dioxide gas poured onto a flame and extinguished. Each activity is set up as a discrepant event that engages students then challenges them to explore the concepts. Presenter questions help you challenge students to practice both inquiry and problem solving skills as they observe the events. Dry ice not included (available at many grocery stores). Materials are sufficient to perform the demonstrations 5 times.


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