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Plastic Quail Egg Tray, Set of 6

Item # 701244 Online Only This product is not available in our print catalog.


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Plastic egg trays offer the most efficient system for gathering, disinfecting, and storing eggs. At the time of setting eggs, simply remove a loaded egg tray from storage and place it on the incubator turning rack. Each Sportsman Incubator (item# 701219) turning rack holds 4 Quail Egg Trays, a total of 456 quail eggs.

Molded posts allow the trays to be double stacked for a total of 1,368 quail eggs; however, the outer edge positions of the double-stacked trays cannot be used in the top turning rack. The Universal Egg Tray is designed to hold any size egg, from bantam to pheasant to medium chicken egg.

Each Sportsman Incubator turning rack holds 2 universal egg trays (90 eggs), a total of 270 eggs per incubator (not stackable while in incubator).