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Electrically Conductive Paint

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Give life to your imagination! Combine Bare Conductive® Electric Paint® (item #756468) and the Touch Board® (item #756466), an easy-to-use Arduino@Heart microcontroller, to turn almost any material or surface into a sensor.

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Combine the Bare Conductive® Touch Board® (item #756466) and Electric Paint® (item #756468) to turn almost anything into an interface, making them an incredible platform for innovation. Transform the 12 electrodes into sensors that trigger MP3 tracks or MIDI notes. Connect anything conductive such as Electric Paint®, conductive thread, wire leads, etc. Component colors may vary.

Starter projects include:

  • Interactive Wall Graphic (Graphic Sensors)
  • Give a Voice to Objects Around You (Objects As Sensors)
  • Threshold Alarm (Sensing Spaces)

Touch Board®

  • Works with the Arduino IDE platform (upload code, modify code, and use digital and analog pins)
  • Touch and distance sensing
  • Arduino-compatible
  • Functions as an Arduino
  • No programming required
  • MP3 player/MIDI device
  • Has micro SD card socket
  • Standard 3.5-mm audio jack
  • LiPo (lithium polymer) battery charger
  • HID capable

Electric Paint®

  • Nontoxic, electrically conductive material that dries in under 15 minutes
  • Water soluble
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Draw circuits and cold solder components
  • Apply to a range of materials
  • Suitable for screen printing
  • Surface resistivity: 55 Ω/sq @ 50 µ layer thickness