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Butterflies in the Classroom Kits Sale

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Save 15% on butterfly classroom kits for a limited time! Use code KV at checkout to apply savings.

Offer valid on select Butterflies in the Classroom Kits only (Item# 144014, 144015, 144071). Promotion ends April 30, 2019.


These Carolina® butterfly kits make keeping live butterflies simple, fun, and affordable. Each kit comes with everything you need to raise painted lady butterflies from larvae to adults - including our improved freestanding mesh Butterfly Sanctuary. It's simple to set up, easy to clean, great for viewing, and collapses for convenient storage.

You can also enhance your butterfly classroom experience with the V-Scope Explorer: Butterfly Life Cycle Interactive Activity (item #522464). Each kit includes 1 year of FREE single-teacher license access to butterfly videos and images that can be used with interactive whiteboards and teacher presentation stations.

The Demo Kit contains 10 larvae and enough food to last from metamorphosis to chrysalis. Also includes butterfly sanctuary, instruction book, cotton wick, and foam rubber flower. The Classroom Kit allows students to work hands-on with living butterflies. From a culture cup that contains 33 larvae and food, each student (or pair of students) transfers a larva and food to its own culture vessel, creating an individual chamber for observation. The Classroom Kit Refill includes 33 to 35 larvae, culture medium, 33 culture vessels with lids, filter paper, and 2 spatulas.




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