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Carolina® Mammalian Heart Dissection BioKits®

$9.95 - $262.00 Quantity Discount Available

For a class of 30. Introduces students to the structure of the heart. Both external and internal features are studied.

Updated to support NGSS and 3-dimensional instruction!

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The Carolina® BioKit® is a single-concept classroom unit that gives students a hands-on approach to biology. Each kit contains materials for at least 30 students plus teacher's manual with reproducible student guide and labeled diagrams, information regarding the specimen's anatomy and physiology, National Science Education Standards met by the dissection, glossary, and list of resources to reinforce the activity. Kits with Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens also include information about the fixative. As an option, some kits are available with 15 of our popular Carolina® Dissection Mats. These mats are specially designed with clear, concise, step-by-step instructions to guide your dissection and aid in your study of the specimen. The large, double-sided vinyl mat resists spills and wipes clean easily—a perfect resource for your next dissection activity. Included on the mat are detailed color photographs that help students examine and identify both internal and external structures while working with their specimens. Labeled and defined key structures promote a better understanding of the anatomy.

For a class of 30. Introduces students to the structures of the heart. Both external and internal features are studied. Kit includes 30 Carolina's Perfect Solution® sheep hearts; 30 self-locking storage bags; and a detailed teacher's manual with dissection instructions, extension activities, reproducible student sheets, background information, glossary of terms, and dissection questions for discussion. Kit with Dissection Mats includes all of the above plus 15 Carolina® Heart Dissection Mats.




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