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Ordering Your Course Kit

Biology 111L

Welcome to Carolina.com!

Your instructor has developed a customized kit that includes all of the materials you'll need to complete the hands-on portion of your course. Please read all of the details and instructions on this page before ordering your kit.

Kit Item # and NameCourse NameInstructorPurchase Options
581429 - Bismarck State College Biology 111L Distance Learning KitConcepts of Biology BIO111LYvette Mathews Order Online Now or through your Bookstore

Ordering Options

Welcome to Biology 111L! You will need your lab kit by Friday, January 9th! You have two, convenient options to get your kit.

Option 1 - Order Your Kit Online, Right Now

Click the button below to proceed to the product page where you can add your kit to your Shopping Cart and purchase the kit from our website. If using this option, please order by Friday, December 19th to allow enough time to receive the kit.

Purchase My Kit Now

Option 2 - Order from your Bookstore

For fastest ordering and delivery, we recommend purchasing the kit directly on our website using Option 1 above. However, if you wish to purchase through your bookstore, you will receive a voucher that you will redeem here at Carolina.com for shipment of your kit. Please purchase your voucher and redeem the voucher by Friday, December 19th to allow enough time to receive the kit once you redeem the voucher.

Carolina Distance Learning™ Return Policy

This Distance Learning kit is designed specifically for your science laboratory course and contains many components. Once the box is opened, we can no longer verify that the kit is still complete and we cannot sell to one of your classmates. If you open the box, you will not be able to return the kit. Therefore, do not open the Distance Learning Kit unless you are certain that you will be taking the course and using the kit.