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John Tyler Community College
 Bio 141 - Bio 142

Welcome to Carolina.com!

Your instructor has developed a customized kit that includes all of the materials you'll need to complete the hands-on portion of your course. You can purchase the kit here at Carolina.com and it will ship directly to you or you may buy it at your bookstore. Please read all the details and instructions on this page before starting your order.

Course NameInstructorCarolina Kit Item # Purchase Options
John Tyler Community College - Bio 141 - Bio 142 Jaime Mergliano and Marty Montpetit 581518 Order Online Now or at your Bookstore

Important note from your instructor: Please order your kit as soon as possible to allow time for shipping via Standard Delivery and avoid more expensive shipping options! Each student must have their own kit—materials cannot be shared.

Instructions for Ordering Your Kit

Option 1 - Order Your Kit Online, Right Now

Order your kit and any additional science materials you need by following the steps below. If you have questions about the ordering process, please call Customer Service at 800.334.5551 (8am - 8pm, ET, Mon-Fri).

  1. Click the Proceed to the Kit Ordering Page button below to view your course kit.
  2. Review the kit information and suggested accessories and click the Add to Cart button when you're ready to order.
  3. On the Shopping Cart page, click the Checkout button.
  4. On the Login/Registration page of Checkout, select the second option under New Customers, which reads: "Choose this option if shipping products to a home or business and are paying with a credit card...."
  5. Proceed through Checkout to enter your shipping address, payment information, and submit your order.
  6. After completing your order, you will receive emails confirming the order and when we ship the kit.

Option 2 - Buy at your Bookstore

You can also purchase your kit at the bookstore.

Need Help?

Questions About Ordering, Payment, and Shipping

If you have any questions about using our website, ordering your product, shipping or payment information, please contact our Customer Service Department using any of the methods below. When you contact us, please mention that you are shopping for a Distance Learning Kit:

Questions About Using the Kit, Setup, or Techniques

Please contact your instructor with questions related to the use of the kit. If you have technical problems, please use the email address below and a member of our Distance Learning Support Team will contact you within one business day. When you contact us, please mention that you are shopping for a Distance Learning Kit, and indicate the course and Carolina item number for your kit (found at the top of this page).

Carolina Distance Learning™ Return Policy

This Distance Learning kit is designed specifically for your science laboratory course and contains many components. Once the box is opened, we can no longer verify that the kit is still complete and we cannot sell to one of your classmates. If you open the box, you will not be able to return the kit. Therefore, do not open the Distance Learning Kit unless you are certain that you will be taking the course and using the kit.