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DNALC Understanding DNA Kit

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Grades 5-8. This kit meets many of the National Science Education Standards in life science. Modeling makes understanding DNA fun and easy. Students can visualize the makeup of DNA with its nitrogenous base pairs and sugar-phosphate backbones.

Working in pairs, students use the materials in this kit to build their own nucleotides. Then they link their nucleotides together to build a large double-stranded DNA model and then a DNA double helix. Instructions are included for advanced students to demonstrate how the double helix unzips to allow for replication of the DNA strands. Designed for 32 students.


What’s Included:
  •  Color-Coded Plastic Model Pieces
  •  Container Cups
  •  Color Transparency
  •  Comprehensive Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Worksheets, Background Information, Lesson Instructions, Follow-up Activities, and a Glossary
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