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Restriction Mapping of Lambda DNA Kit with CarolinaBLU® (with perishables)

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Advanced—For experienced high school and college classes; requires some technical skill.

This kit provides data that allow students to assemble a map of cutting sites for ApaI, Eco0109I, and HindIII on the genome of the lambda virus. This is accomplished by digesting lambda DNA with the 3 restriction enzymes alone and in combination. A restriction map can be generated by using information gained from the electrophoresis of the lambda restriction fragments. Kit materials are sufficient for 6 teams of students or 6 separate instructor demonstrations. Kit ships with perishable materials.


Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
  • Exclamation icon This item contains living or perishable material and ships via 2nd Day or Overnight delivery.
What’s Included:
  • 6 Lambda DNA, 0.4 µg/µL, 50 µL 
  • 3 Restriction Enzymes 
  • 1 Restriction Buffer, 10x, 500 µL 
  • 6 Loading Dye, 10x, 100 µL
  • 1 Electrophoresis Buffer, 150 mL
  • CarolinaBLU® Gel Stain, 7 mL
  • CarolinaBLU® Final Stain, 250 mL
  • 1 Agarose, 4 g
  • 50 Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • 6 Staining Trays
  • 4 Gloves
  • 24 Semi-Logarithmic Graph Paper
  • 6 Rulers
  • 6 Student Instructions
  • 1 Teacher’s Manual
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  37° C and 35° C Water Baths
  •  Gel Electrophoresis Chambers
  •  Power Supplies
  •  Gel Visualization Equipment (white light)
  •  Micropipettor
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