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Lambda Amplification and Electrophoresis Kit with CarolinaBLU® Stain and 0.2-mL Tubes (with prepaid coupon)

Item # 211227

Our simplest PCR kit is designed to offer unmatched versatility in your classroom. This approachable protocol has been optimized for the classroom, and it works flawlessly with or without access to a thermal cycler. Truly our most time- and classroom-friendly PCR kit, Amplification of Lambda DNA by PCR is an excellent way to demonstrate molecular technique right in your classroom. Kit comes with enough materials for 25 amplification reactions and electrophoresis with CarolinaBLU®.



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Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.

Good for beginning PCR study. Students amplify a 1,106-bp sequence from the bacteriophage lambda genome using a sample of dilute lambda DNA mixed with PCR Ready-to-Go Beads™ and lambda PCR primers. The mixture can be amplified using 2 water baths (55° C and 100° C) or by using a DNA thermal cycler. Students load the PCR samples onto a 1% agarose gel, electrophorese, and stain. They then verify the size of the amplified product by comparing it to DNA size markers.

This kit also can be used to do time-course studies in which the number of amplification cycles is varied. Students can then observe a qualitative difference in the intensity of the bands on the gel in response to the number of amplification cycles performed.

Kit contains instructions and materials sufficient for 25 amplification reactions or 6 to 8 time-course experiments and gel electrophoresis using CarolinaBLU®. Note: Kit includes a prepaid coupon to request perishable materials later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable materials.

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This item includes a prepaid coupon for living or perishable materials (all items). Redeem the coupon for delivery of these materials at your convenience at www.carolina.com/livingform, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112.

Components Qty Included?
Lambda DNA, 300 µL 1 Included
Primer Mix, 600 µL 1 Included
Loading Dye, 100 µL 1 Included
Lambda/HindIII DNA Molecular Weight Standard, 150 µL 1 Included
Mineral Oil, 5 mL 1 Included
PCR Tubes Containing Ready-to-Go-Beads™ (0.2-mL capacity) 25 Included
Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 mL 25 Included
CarolinaBLU® Final Stain, 250 mL 1 Included
CarolinaBLU® Gel and Buffer Stain, 7 mL 1 Included
TBE Buffer, 150 mL 1 Included
Staining Trays 6 Included
Gloves 2 Included
Agarose, 3.2 g 1 Included
Teacher’s Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Gel Electrophoresis Chambers Needed, Not Included
Power Supplies Needed, Not Included
Light Boxes Needed, Not Included
Micropipettors and Tips (to measure 3 μL, 10 μL, 12 μL, 20 μL) Needed, Not Included
Water Baths (55° C and 100° C) or DNA Thermal Cycler Needed, Not Included
Microcentrifuge Tube Racks Needed, Not Included
Permanent Markers Needed, Not Included
Camera (optional) Needed, Not Included
Microcentrifuge (optional) Needed, Not Included
Microwave (optional) Needed, Not Included

DNA Learning Center

Cutting Edge Science in your Classroom

Carolina Biological and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's DNA Learning Center (DNALC) have partnered together since 1986 to make molecular genetics and biotechnology more accessible to students globally. Focused on creating innovative classroom activities that give students the opportunity to go hands-on with DNA and explore the core principles of genetics. Together we have constantly worked to increase the accessibility of many key scientific breakthroughs for classrooms globally, including such techniques as PCR, DNA Sequencing, and RNAi.

Bringing a Carolina and DNALC kit into your classroom introduces your students to the experience of scientific research on its highest level, in some cases Nobel Prize winning research, with ease and simplicity. Each kit features in-depth background information, classroom tested protocols, pre-packaged materials, and the knowledgeable technical support of the Carolina Biological team. Our wide selection of kits in this series offers educators' unmatched opportunities to bring biotechnology or genetics into their classroom, with a best in class product.

At Carolina, we believe that innovative research doesn't just belong in a lab—it belongs in your classroom.

About the DNA Learning Center

The DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is the world's first science center devoted entirely to genetics education and is an operating unit of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, an important center for molecular genetics research. The mission of the DNA Learning Center is to prepare students and families to thrive in the gene age. We envision a day when all elementary students are exposed to principles of genetics and disease risk; when all high school students have the opportunity to do hands-on experiments with DNA; and when all families have access to genetic information they need to make informed health care choices.