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Amino Acid Starter Kit©

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Intermediate - Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.
3-D Molecular Designs. Using these captivating models and tools, students explore proteins' primary, secondary, and tertiary structures. They learn the chemical properties of the 20 amino acid side chains using dynamic side chain models. These models still feature dual-coloring schemes—a colored band at the base indicates chemical properties—but new embedded plastic balls show atomic structure. Since understanding the structural and chemical properties of the amino acid side chains is essential to grasping the basics of protein structure, working with the side chain models helps students comprehend protein structure. An additional protein-folding activity further deepens students' understanding as they explore the role of the side chains' properties in creating secondary structure.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Chemical Properties Circle
  • 1 Amino Acid Side Chain Chart
  • 1 Mini-Toober®, 4 ft
  • 1 Red and Blue Endcaps, Set
  • 22 Clear Bumpers
  • 22 Amino Acid Side Chains
  • 22 Plastic Clips
  • 6 Hydrogen Bond Connectors
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