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Carolina® Easy Fly® Drosophila Culture, white black purple cinnabar (phenotypically white and black)

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Collecting virgin females has just gotten easier with our Easy Fly® Drosophila strains. Use them to replace the strain you would normally use for manual virgin collection. Fly stock undergoes heat shock treatment prior to shipping, which kills the males.



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Carolina® Easy Fly® Drosophila culture, white black purple cinnabar (phenotypically white and black)

  • Time saver
  • Error-free system
  • Females same as normal stocks

The Easy Fly® system works by selectively killing male larvae with a 2-hour heat shock treatment, leaving only virgin females alive. Easy Fly® males contain a modified Y* chromosome with a gene that activates programmed cell death when larvae are exposed to high temperatures. Since only males have a Y* chromosome with this gene, female larvae are unaffected. Carolina performs the heat shock treatment in our laboratories, so all shipped cultures contain only virgin females. All flies are placed in a vial with food for shipping.

Note: Please order at least 2 weeks in advance of desired ship date.