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Pangaea Cutter and Placemat Set

$3.25 - $38.80

Discuss plate tectonics theory in the time it takes to use a cookie cutter with this set, which includes 1 cutter and 1 placemat. Students press the cutter into flattened modeling clay, remove the non-Pangaea segments, and then layer with scientific evidence such as mountain ranges, fossil record data, or glacial deposits. Combine with the placemat to explore how the world has changed from the Jurassic Period to the present day, and to learn about Alfred Wegener, Henry Hess, and boundary types.

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Extend the lesson to study sea floor changes, volcanoes, rock formations, and earthquakes. Includes instructions featuring QR code links to extra resources, such as animations of plate movement with time, interviews with scientists, puzzles, and quizzes. Modeling clay and QR code reader are needed but not included. Additional placemats may be purchased separately (item #GEO482).

Note: Carolina is not the provider or creator of QR code content; links are subject to change without notice. Non-hardening modeling clay or dough is recommended. To further engage students, you may wish to make your own. Sample recipe is available on the Teacher's Resources tab.




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