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AquaSprouts® Complete Set

Product Highlights
  • Aquaponics on your tabletop!
  • Fits a standard 10-gal aquarium
  • Observe nutrient cycling firsthand
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Aquaponics, which combines aquaculture and hydroponics, allows students to observe nutrient cycling firsthand. With the AquaSprouts® system, as students feed their classroom fish, the fish provide nutrients to the plants via a submersible pump. The plants in turn detoxify the water by removing nitrogen before the water is returned to the fish tank. Easy to set up and maintain, AquaSprouts® is the stylish desktop aquaponics system perfect for your classroom!

The AquaSprouts® Complete Set comes with an easy-to-assemble, custom-molded garden that fits any standard 10-gal aquarium (not included), light bar with LED light, pump and timer, clay growing medium to help your plants grow strong, submersible aquarium light with remote control, and water conditioner. Just add your own water, fish, and plants. When fully assembled, the AquaSprouts® Garden is 28" L, 8" W (10" with 10-gal aquarium), and 17" H (35" H with light bar).


What’s Included:
Needed But Not Included:
  • 1 10-Gal Aquarium
  •  Fish
  •  Plants
  •  Aquarium Heater (optional)
Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Height: 35"
  • Length: 28"
  • Width: 8"
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