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Carolina® NG Electrophoresis Chamber

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Product Details
The Carolina® NG Electrophoresis Chamber is our premium gel chamber featuring design enhancements that provide easy and reliable use with a sturdy apparatus that can withstand high volume use over many years. Unit is refined to feature a taller chamber design, platinum wires for preventing electrode wear down, and flexible tray dams to make pouring gels easy. Includes 1 gel box, electrodes, 2 stackable gel trays, 4 eight-well combs, and 4 flexible dams. Outside dimensions, 8" L x 6" W x 3-1/5" H. Wt, 1.1 lb.

Product Features

  • Tray makes a gel 3-1/4 x 3-1/2" sq
  • Stackable gel trays run up to 32 samples at 1 time
  • Flexible dams for pouring gels—no more need for tape
  • Trays have notches in the center to accommodate a second comb
  • Platinum wire prevents corrosion
  • Safe—unit will not operate unless lid is in place
  • Compatible with most power supplies


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