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Van de Graaff Generator, 400 kV (220 V, EU Plug), with 10 Electrostatic Attachments

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 9/1/22)


The 400-kV Van de Graaff unit generates 200,000-400,000 V, depending on humidity, and has 3 variable settings. The typical electrostatic demonstrations described in the included experiment guide can test concepts such as charge conservation, charge transfer, triboelectric effect, conductors, insulators, ionization, and more. Unit overall height is 33"; dome diameter is 9". Comes with a power cord with EU plug and an electrostatics set with 10 attachments. Note: For international customers only.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Assembled Base (rollers, belt, brushes)
  • 1 Large Metal Dome
  • 1 Discharge Wand
  • 1 Wrench
  • 1 Dancing Balls Accessory
  • 1 Extra Band
  • 1 Spiked Arm Wheel
  • 1 Oscillating Pith Ball
  • 1 Plastic Comb
  • 1 Brush of Long Hairs
  • 1 Electrical Cord (220 V, EU plug)
  • 1 Dust Cover
  • 1 Experiment Guide
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Needed But Not Included:
  • 1 Van de Graaff Generator Accessories Kit (item #755808) (optional but recommended)
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