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Readorium: Science (Subscriptions)

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Reading and science success are linked, but science text is challenging. To address this problem, instruction must be personalized. Readorium's award-winning science reading solution has Web-based chapter books written at 10–12 levels with supports and text that continually adjust to each student's needs. Personal book mentors demonstrate how to think through the text and provide scaffolded hints. Teachers receive real-time progress reports and downloadable activities.

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Reading and success in science are closely linked. Hands-on science experience is vital, but if students do not comprehend science text, they cannot fully understand what is happening and why. Unfortunately, learning to construct meaning from science text is very challenging for many students; and watering down information for those who struggle with reading comprehension only widens the achievement gap. In order for all students to be able to access the same rich information, we need to continually adjust instruction to their individual needs. Readorium's award-winning science reading software is designed to do just that!

  • Readorium teaches students the strategies needed to become independent learners and critical thinkers, as they enrich their background knowledge in science.
  • Readorium's Web-based chapter books are written at 10–12 readability levels with supports and text that automatically adjust to each student's individual needs, as they read.
  • Readorium books are aligned to both the NGSS and state science standards.
  • Each book features a personal mentor who demonstrates the strategic thinking needed to understand the text, and who provides scaffolded hints, if a student becomes confused when answering questions.
  • The program includes gaming, humor, choice, music, video support, graphics, and challenges.
  • Teachers and administrators receive real-time, actionable student progress reports, as well as downloadable multimedia and printable activities to target classroom instruction based on this data.

Readorium is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association. Readorium won the 2018 International Reimagine Award for K-12 Education, was a 2017 CODiE finalist in the area of cross-curricular education, and won the 2016 CODiE Award for Best Reading/English/Language Arts/Instructional Solution. In 2016, Readorium also was an Ed Tech Digest Cool Tool finalist and received a Trendsetter Award for Innovative Content by the Software and Information Industry Association.