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Beepods™ Beekeeping Complete Education System

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 8/31/22)


For millennia man has co-evolved with bees. Bring nature's premier pollinators into the classroom with an inquiry-based curriculum and deep learning experiences. Beepods™ is a new beekeeping system designed for education in both urban and non-urban settings. The Beepods™ Beekeeping Complete Education System helps you teach your students about pollination and colonial insects, providing a hands-on experience in beekeeping and also a look into how insects communicate with one another. The education package includes digital classes and lessons that connect bees to various subjects including math, physics, environmental science, and agricultural science.

The Beepod was designed to be safer and easier to handle than traditional stacked box hives. Lifted off the ground for better access, ventilation, and overall look, its precision design is made to improve the fidelity of the honey bee colony and the beekeeper's experience. With features such as mechanical fastening, polycarbon windows, and a vapor barrier lid, this hive is the premier hive design for any beekeeper "beekeeping for the bees."

Beepods™ Beekeeping Complete Education System comes with the original Beepod vented top bar hive (with 32 self-centering top bars to encourage comb building), Beepod harvest box, observation veils, tools, inspection kit, online resources and curriculum, and 1-year access to Beepods™ Online Membership. Beepod vented top bar hive dimensions: 47" L x 22" W x 32"; wt, 75 lb. Note: Live bees are needed but not included and must be purchased separately through Beepods. Comes with instructions to order bees.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Beepod Vented Top Bar Hive
  • 1 Beepod Harvest Box
  • 3 Observation Veils
  • 1 Inspection Kit
  • 10 Hive Inspection Forms
  • 1 Hive Tool
  • 1 Feather Guider
  • 1 Table Bar Stand
  • 1 Beepods™ Online Membership (1-year access)
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  Bee Colony
  •  Internet Access (optional)
Return Policy:

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