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Invasive Species Survey Set, Biorama™ Preparation

Item # 267800

Biorama™ preparation. This set of 12 glass-fronted mounts features 16 invasive species, animal and plant. Fourteen specimens, displayed on 11 mounts, are US invasive species, while 1 mount features 2 native US specimens regarded as invasive in other parts of the world. Each 5 x 6" mount is fully labeled with names and general information. All 12 displays come packed as 1 convenient set. Species may vary due to availability.



This item will ship on or about 10/19/21

Biorama™ preparation. Invasive species are organisms found outside their native range. When these foreign species are introduced into new ecosystems, the results can be dramatic as they displace native species and cause problems to which the native system cannot adapt. This set of 12 displays features 16 species causing problems in North America and around the world. Eleven of the mounts show specimens typically regarded as US invaders: dead-man's fingers algae, water lettuce, blue periwinkle vine, English ivy, kudzu, Bradford pear, Chinese tallow tree, salt cedar, common periwinkle snail, zebra mussel; an additional mount shows 4 insects: Japanese beetle, kudzu bug, red imported fire ant, and German cockroach. The last display features 2 species that have been exported from the US and are now considered invasive in other nations: red-eared slider turtle and Colorado potato beetle. Each 5 x 6" display is fully labeled with common names, scientific names, country of origin, approximate dates of introduction, and the problems each species is causing. All 12 displays come packed as 1 convenient set. Species may vary due to availability.