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Leaf Shapes and Arrangements, Biorama™ Preparation

Item # 268842

This botanical mount displays 10 shapes of simple leaves and 4 shapes of compound leaves. The 3 common leaf arrangements are also displayed. Mounted in a 14 x 21" Riker mount.



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Biorama™ preparation. Use this botanical mount to explore the shapes of simple and compound leaves while also examining the 3 types of leaf arrangements. Simple leaves with the following shapes are mounted first: linear, elliptic, fan, cordate, needle, lanceolate, rhomboid, scaled, deltoid, and oblong. Compound leaves with trifoliate, palmate, pinnate, and bipinnate shapes are mounted next. The last samples on the mount illustrate the 3 common leaf arrangements: alternate (1 leaf per node), opposite (2 leaves per node), and whorled (3 or more leaves per node). With this introductory mount, students easily learn how to classify leaves—a significant step in plant identification. Mounted in a 14 x 21" Riker mount.