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LaMotte® Macroinvertebrate Identification Card Set

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Grade 4 and up. Easily the best set of aquatic macroinvertebrate ID cards available to educators. Each card features a full-color photograph of a commonly found aquatic macroinvertebrate on the front of the card and detailed line drawing with critical identification tips on the back. Ideal for environmental laboratory and field work at any level. Set of 18 laminated flash cards. Meets the GLOBE® Program* specifications.

*GLOBE®, The GLOBE® Program, and the GLOBE® logo are trademarks of the US Government. Use of these trademarks and certification by Carolina that its products conform to specifications of The GLOBE® Program do not imply endorsement of Carolina or its products by the US Government.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Alderflies
  • 1 Black Flies
  • 1 Caddisflies
  • 1 Crane Flies
  • 1 Damselflies
  • 1 Dobsonflies
  • 1 Dragonflies
  • 1 Leeches/Snails
  • 1 Mayflies
  • 1 Midges
  • 1 Planarians/Flatworms/Earthworms
  • 1 Sow Bugs/Scuds
  • 1 Stoneflies
  • 1 Water Beetles
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