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LaMotte® Plastic Bottle, 2 oz

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LaMotte code 0688. This 2-oz LaMotte® Plastic Bottle is used in many of the LaMotte® water quality test kits, including: LaMotte® Dissolved Oxygen—Study Oxygen in Water (item #652565); LaMotte® Dissolved Oxygen Kit (item #652865); Earth Force water quality monitoring kits: Earth Force Low-Cost Water Quality Monitoring Kit (item #652567), Earth Force Low-Cost Estuary Kit (item #652569), and Earth Force Standard Water Monitoring Kit (item #652568); LaMotte® AM-12 TesTab® Water Investigation Kit (item #181400), LaMotte® Pondwater Tour Kit (item #652415), LaMotte® Deluxe Water Quality Education Outfit (item #652450), LaMotte® Saltwater Aquaculture Test Kit (item #652520), and LaMotte® Freshwater Aquaculture Test Kit (item #652435).

Bring the laboratory to the field with LaMotte® water test kits, which provide:

  • A higher degree of analytical sensitivity than other field methods.
  • Test methods that are easy to use and reproduce.
  • Confidence in accurate test results.


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