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LaMotte® Turbidity Kit


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This easy-to-use turbidity test compares the turbidity of a measured amount of the sample with an identical amount of turbidity-free water containing a measured amount of standardized turbidity reagent. The readings are made by looking down through the column of liquid at a black dot. If turbidity is present, it will interfere with the passage of light through the column of liquid. Small amounts of turbidity will cause a "blurring" of the black dot in the bottom of the tube. Large amounts of turbidity may provide sufficient "cloudiness" so that it is not possible to see the black dot when looking through the column. Any color present in the sample should be disregarded. This determination is concerned only with the haziness or cloudiness of the sample. Each kit performs 50 tests at 10 JTU.


What’s Included:
  • 2 Test Tubes
  • 1 Turbidity Reagent, 60 mL
  • 1 Dropper
  • 1 Instructions
Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Method: Dropper pipet
  • Testing Range: 5–100 JTU/5 JTU; 10–200 JTU/10 JTU
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