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Catalog Quick Order

The Basics

  • Add items and quantities directly to your Shopping Cart in a single step—from any page on our website
  • Using our full Quick Order form, add fields based on the number of items you need
  • Import large lists using our handy Microsoft® Excel import feature

The Benefits

  • Save valuable time if you already know catalog numbers and quantities—Quick Order is all you need
  • Guarantee accuracy with our form's automated error-checking
  • Skip the typing by using our handy Microsoft® Excel import feature

Where to Find It

We now offer three ways to use Quick Order:

  1. Using the Quick Order "flyout" option at the very top of the website. Simply hover your mouse on the icon, and enter up to five item numbers and quantities.
  2. Using our full Quick Order page, where you can add several items at a time or download the Microsoft® Excel template to import items using a spreadsheet.
  3. Using the Quick Order box near the top of your Shopping Cart. Simply enter a single item number and a quantity, and click the Add to Cart button to add the item into your Cart.

Using the Microsoft® Excel Import Feature

If you manage a large number of purchasing lists or have complex orders, our new website makes it a snap to manage those lists and import them directly to your Carolina.com Shopping Cart.

  1. Visit the full Quick Order page.
  2. At the bottom, click on the Import an Excel List link.
  3. In the window that opens, download and save the XLS template to your computer.
  4. Open the file and starting in Row 2, place Carolina's catalog/item numbers in Column A and the quantity you require in Column B. Please do not delete the column headers in Row 1.
  5. Save the file as a Microsoft® Excel 97-2003 file type (.xls). This is important, because our system cannot accept newer Excel file formats.
  6. In the window on the Quick Order page, click the Browse button to locate and upload your saved file.
  7. Click the Upload button, which will find your items, validate them, and display them on the Quick Order page. Items that are not found will be displayed but you will be able to continue with the valid ones..
  8. Click the Continue button to add the items to your Cart.

Tips & Tricks

  • Download a copy of our Microsoft® Excel template and keep it on your computer. Then, if you have long lists of items, simply open the template, make the necessary changes, and import!
  • No matter where you're at on the site, you can always hover on the Quick Order icon at the top of the site to quickly add items to your Cart before you forget.