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Enhanced Site Search

The Basics

  • Our new, faster, and smarter search provides accurate results, the first time
  • Search everything (products and free resources) using one search box
  • Refine your results with context-rich filters, including Grade, Topic, Price, and many more
  • Larger photos and new "List" layout option make products easier to locate
  • Access key product details—and even add products to your Cart—without leaving search results
  • Sort your results alphabetically, by price, newest first, and more

The Benefits

  • Save valuable time—narrow results and add directly to your Cart from search results
  • Find products suited to specific topics—narrow searches by disciplines, subjects, and/or topics you're covering
  • Never lose your place—view key product details and add products to your Cart without leaving the results page
  • Search everything—search results also include relevant activities, videos, and lesson ideas
  • Organize complex result sets—the new "List" view helps you scroll through large results sets with ease
  • Get new ideas—as you filter results, you may even find new or unique products you never knew existed

Tips & Tricks

  • Take advantage of the filtering options on the left side of the screen. Start with the Categories filter, as that will bring up additional filters specific to the category(ies) you select.
  • Add a single item to your Cart by adjusting the Quantity value and clicking Add to Cart.
  • Add multiple items to your Cart by checking the box that to the left of each item, adjusting quantities, and clicking the gray Add to Cart button above your results.
  • View free activities, videos, and other free resources by clicking the Resources button above your results. Switch back to products using the Products button.
  • Switch your results to a tall list (instead of a grid) by clicking the List button in the upper-right corner of your results. All subsequent searches will use this view until you change it back to Grid.