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Product Comparison

The Basics

  • Compare product prices, features, and benefits
  • Select up to five products at a time
  • Easily view similarities and differences
  • Add products directly to your Shopping Cart

The Benefits

  • Save valuable time by viewing important product information in a summarized format
  • Eliminate headaches by making better-informed choices for your classroom—the first time
  • Focus your choices using the Hightlight Similarities/Differences options
  • Improve student performance by finding new products that help you teach difficult concepts more effectively

Where to Find It

You can launch a comparison from any of the following areas of the website. Simply click the check box in front of the products you wish to compare, then click the Compare button.

  • Search results
  • Navigation results
  • "Family" product information pages

Tips & Tricks

  • Click the Highlight Differences option to focus on key differences among your choices
  • Hover on an item and click Quick View to read additional information without losing your comparison
  • Simplify your comparison by clicking the red "X" for products you wish to remove