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Product Ratings & Reviews

The Basics

  • Rate products you've used and publish your own, in-depth reviews.
  • Read insightful reviews that others have published as you make your own purchasing decisions.
  • Top reviewers earn "badges" based on the number of reviews they submit and total "helpfulness" votes from others.
  • Review content—good and bad—is 100% authentic and appears exactly as it is submitted by customers.

The Benefits

  • Get real-world insights—review content comes straight from end-users of Carolina products
  • You're part of the community—when you share a review, you're making a difference and helping others
  • Help new teachers—reviews from experienced teachers are valuable to new teachers looking for guidance
  • Make our products better—we use review feedback on a daily basis to improve products and develop new ones
  • It's fun—it's a great feeling to see your reviews posted and even share them on your Facebook page

How to Write a Review

It's even easier to write a review on our new website. Logins are no longer required to post a review. Here's how to get started:

  1. Use the product. It's important to use the product and get familiar with its features in order to post a thorough review.
  2. Write your review. You'll receive an invitation to review products you recently purchased. Click on that email or locate the product you wish to review using the website's search engine. Click Write a Review and complete the easy form.
  3. Preview and submit your review. Take a final look at your submission, edit as necessary, and submit.
  4. Confirm your submission. To ensure authenticity and security, you will instantly receive an email asking you to confirm your submission.
  5. We post your review. Reviews that meet our basic Review Guidelines appear on our website, exactly as you wrote them, within 72 hours of submission.