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Shopping Lists

Save Time with College Lab Lists

Materials for College-Level Biology LabsOur product experts worked with colleges around the country to develop custom material lists for the most popular intro college-level biology labs.

The Basics

  • Save your favorite or frequently-ordered products (and
    quantities) to one or more lists
  • Purchase one or more products directly from a list
  • Add products to a list in many ways, including convenient
    Microsoft® Excel imports
  • Share your lists with others via email
  • Receive lists from others and "copy" them to your own
  • Create a "Wish List" when asking others to purchase
    products for you

The Benefits

  • Save valuable time—your favorite products are ready to go each time
    you visit
  • Ensure accurate orders—never forget what you ordered last time
  • Help your purchasing manager—send them your exact list of products every time
  • Organize complex orders—optional description/notes feature helps differentiate lists from one another
  • Don't lose creative ideas—add new or interesting products to a list the moment you get inspired

Where to Find It

Click on the Shopping Lists icon at the top of the site and click the New List button to create a new list. Add products to your list using any of these methods:

  • Product listings in search and navigation results
  • Product "Quick View" windows
  • Product information pages
  • Shopping Cart page
  • "Quick Order" feature available on the Shopping List Detail page

Tips & Tricks

  • Quantities for items in your list will not change unless you change them and click the Update List button—even if you purchase the items.
  • When emailing a list to others, include a personal message so your recipients know what you'd like them to do with the list.
  • Use the Copy List feature to create a new list from an existing list—great if you need to create several, similar lists.
  • Click the Treat as Wish List checkbox if you plan on sharing the list and want recipients to see how many of each product remains to be purchased.
  • When using the Import feature, follow the import template guidelines carefully to assure all of your items are recognized.
  • Always have a list around for saving creative and innovative product ideas, even if you're not ready to buy them yet.