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Bio-Foam® Impression Foam

$12.35 - $21.25

Making an impression in your next activity just got easier. Bio-Foam® Impression Foam offers a simple, clean, and quick way to make an impression using almost any 3-dimensional object. After making an impression, students can analyze the detail left behind or make their own casts (materials not included) for further identification and documentation. This single-use product comes in 2 sizes and is completely self-contained in its own cardboard container.

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Simply press any object into the Bio-Foam® block to create a permanent and accurate 3-dimensional impression. Castings can be made directly from the impression—the high-density foam provides extremely fine detail. Packaged in a self-storing cardboard container, Bio-Foam® is designed for single use. Available in single (1 shoe) or double (2 shoes) versions. Impression area size, 13-3/4" L x 5-7/8" W x 2-1/4" H.




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