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Disposable Casting Trays, Set of 4

Item # 211941

The Shake-N-Cast™ system from Sirchie® eliminates the difficulty and mess of making impression casts in the field or classroom. This set of Disposable Casting Trays is recommended for anyone collecting impression evidence. Each tray is made of durable Correx®, which doesn't allow the casting material to stick, making cleanup a breeze. Designed for use with Shake-N-Cast™ Pouches (item #211940, available separately) but also works with plaster or dental stone.



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Sirchie®-developed Disposable Casting Trays are a low-cost, disposable casting frame for use in the field or classroom. Each frame consists of 2 strips of heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, corrugated Correx® material, which can be assembled in seconds using the adhesive tabs. Adjust tray size to accommodate most shoe impressions by varying the position of the 2 Correx® pieces. To make a larger tray for casting tire tread impressions, simply fasten together multiple units. After your cast is dry, removing the tray is easy since the casting material won't stick to Correx®. Simply slide the tray off and throw it away—no cleanup! Works great with plaster or dental stone casting material. When making casts of impression evidence, it's recommended that you use a casting tray to contain the casting material until it hardens. Set of 4.

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