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Latent Fingerprinting Supplies

$7.30 - $17.70

Take your latent fingerprinting activities to the next level of realism. These fingerprinting supplies were designed by the experts at Sirchie® to allow for precise dusting for latent fingerprints in the field or classroom. Offering you unmatched precision, choose the appropriate brush and powder for your next latent fingerprinting activity.

4 Product Options


Combining years of fingerprinting expertise, the folks at Sirchie® have become experts in developing latent prints. These high-quality brushes and powders are designed to meet the needs of crime scene experts globally, making them the most realistic option for your forensics classroom. The Camel Hair Brush is a great option for a general-purpose dusting, while the Fiberglass Brush has the advantage of retaining the applied powder, which eliminates the need for replenishment. Black Powder, an industry standard, is the most versatile, while Fluorescent Orange Powder gives a contrast on dark surfaces and fluoresces under UV or blue light (254 to 525 nm). Using these brushes and powders will give your students the tools to dust for latent fingerprints just like the pros. Powders come in 2-oz containers.




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