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Shake-N-Cast™ Impression System

$19.15 - $143.65

The Shake-N-Cast™ system from Sirchie® eliminates the difficulty and mess of making impression casts in the field or classroom. This proprietary formulation comes premeasured and ready for use. Simply break the water capsule, shake, and pour. A Shake-N-Cast™ Pouch contains enough casting materials for a full-sized adult footprint. The Disposable Casting Trays make cleanup a cinch.

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Casting tire and footprint impressions just got easier!

The no-mess Sirchie®-designed Shake-N-Cast™ system is a self-contained, premeasured impression system ideal for classroom or field usage. The Shake-N-Cast™ Pouch contains proprietary gypsum casting material with an internal premeasured water capsule. To use, just break the water capsule, knead, and pour—no measuring required. Each pouch contains sufficient casting material for a full-sized adult shoe print. Disposable Casting Trays, sold in sets of 4, are made of durable Correx® that can be easily removed and discarded after use. The Shake-N-Cast™ Kit includes 4 Shake-N-Cast™ Pouches and 2 sets of Disposable Casting Trays, making the kit an economical option for casting either 1 large tire tread impression or 2 large footwear impressions.




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