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Shake-N-Cast™ Pouch

Item # 211940

The Shake-N-Cast™ system from Sirchie® eliminates the difficulty and mess of making impression casts in the field or classroom. This proprietary formulation comes premeasured and ready for use. Simply break the water capsule, shake, and pour. A single pouch contains enough casting material for a full-sized adult footprint. Recommended for use with Disposable Casting Trays (item #211941, available separately).



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The no-mess Sirchie®-designed Shake-N-Cast™ Pouch features a self-contained, premeasured water capsule (14 fl oz of a liquefier) and 2 lb (32 oz) of dental stone casting material factory-sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. Shake-N-Cast™ eliminates the guesswork inherent with many other casting mediums—your mixture is always the right consistency. One pouch is sufficient for casting a full-sized adult shoe print. Simply apply pressure to break the water capsule, shake and knead the pouch for up to 2 minutes, cut off a corner, and pour the mixture into the impression. When making casts of impression evidence, it's recommended that you use a casting frame (such as our Disposable Casting Trays, item #211941) to contain the casting material until it hardens. Shake-N-Cast™ works best in moist, firm soil.

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