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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Blood Spatter Analysis Kit


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Grade 9–College. Blood spatter is found at the cabin crime scene. Your students must determine how the splatter formed. Students first learn about the techniques for blood-spatter pattern analysis. Using a blood drop, students conduct an experiment designed to determine the relationship between height and angle of impact and size and shape of spatter.

Students drop synthetic blood, from different heights and angles, onto paper, then measure the size and shape of those drops. Afterwards, students use Microsoft® Excel® or another spreadsheet program to analyze data and build a mathematical model. They apply the mathematical model to blood-spatter patterns - simulated with a cardboard model - in the cabin. Students determine impact points that caused the spatter by attaching strings to blood in the crime-scene-model walls at angles predicted by the model. Note: Kit can be shipped and stored at room temperature.


What’s Included:
  • 6 Cardboard Blood Drop Angle Support
  • 6 3-D Cardboard Cabin Model
  • 50 Sheets of 11 x 17" Paper
  • 6 Bottles of Synthetic Blood
  • 6 Pasteur Pipettes
  • 6 Pasteur Pipette Bulbs
  • 6 Sets of Crime Scene Blood Spatter Images
  • 6 Sets of String
  •  Box of Push-Pins
  • 6 Measuring Tapes
  •  Teacher's Manual
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  Lab Gloves
  •  Computer with Microsoft® Excel® or Other Spreadsheet Program.
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