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The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Hair and Fiber Analysis Kit

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The manufacturing process of tool-making leaves patterns embedded in each tool's surface. These unique patterns become evidence when criminals use tools to commit a crime. Toolmark identification determines if a particular tool produced a mark.

The Complete Kit has everything your students need to become expert analysts of tools and the marks made by them. With 4 lab exercises based on actual cases encountered in crime laboratories and a detailed PowerPoint® lecture on the manufacturing of tools, students can experience the same type of training given to forensic scientists. Kit also includes enough materials for 30 students and a test bank of questions based on the lecture.

To enhance your lesson, purchase the Toolmark Poster (item #212161), which illustrates different tools and their respective marks.

Hairs and fibers are removed from trace-evidence collection tape by dissolving tape adhesive in water, then filtering hairs and fibers from the resulting solution. Next, students characterize the hairs and fibers using microscopy. After processing all the evidence, students attempt to match hair and fiber types from the truck to those found in the cabin. The kit includes supplies for up to 30 students working in 6 groups and is matched to National Science Education Standards. Fully illustrated teacher's manual provides technique background. Note: Kit can be shipped and stored at room temperature.


What’s Included:
  • 30 Cabin Evidence Collections
  • 12 Suspect Evidence Collections
  • 6 Truck Evidence Collections
  •  Data Collection Worksheets
  • 144 Microscope Slides with Coverslips
  • 6 Bottles of Mounting Media
  •  Teacher's Manual
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Needed But Not Included:
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