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Living Wonders™ Kits

$48.90 - $48.90

The Living Wonders™ kit series is designed to be an affordable way to allow your students to observe part of the natural world in their classroom. Each kit comes with everything needed to set up a self-contained habitat, including 1 or 2 live organisms and care and handling instructions.

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Excite your students with a live animal they can observe and learn from in their own classroom! The Living Wonders™ kit series is designed for easy setup and care, with a self-contained habitat. The kits are a great way to teach students how to responsibly care for an animal and allow them to observe animal behavior and discover what an organism needs for survival, which can spark their interest in the natural world around them. The kits also are ideal for a science project. Each kit provides all materials needed to set up this new addition to your classroom, including a voucher to request delivery of 1 or 2 live organisms later at your convenience.




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