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Pilobolus (Shotgun Fungus) Kit (with perishables)

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Beginning - Easy to perform; requires no experience in microbiology.

The popular "shotgun" fungus, Pilobolus crystallinus, grows on herbivore dung. Herbivores will not graze near their own dung, so the spores must be propelled beyond this "zone of repugnance." The sporangia bend toward the sun and "shoot" their spore mass in that direction.

Students grow Pilobolus until sporangia are mature. Then they place the culture inside a container with a small hole to allow in light. The sporangia will all be propelled toward the hole. Requires about 10 days to conduct the exercise. The adaptation of this interesting fungus to its unique habitat is explained in the teacher's instructions.

Keep agar plates refrigerated until use; do not freeze. ** Kit and perishable components will ship separately and may arrive on different days.

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  • Exclamation icon This item contains living or perishable material and ships via 2nd Day or Overnight delivery.
What’s Included:
  • Pilobolus crystallinus Plate Culture 
  • 10 Rabbit Dung Agar Plates 
  • 1 Sterile Disposable Scalpel
  • 10 Aluminum Foil Sheets
  • 10 Containers with Lids
  • 1 Autoclave Disposal Bag
  • 1 Teacher Instructions
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