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Glue Gun

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Looking for the perfect glue gun for STEM projects, crafts, and lab repairs? This is the one you want. It's ideal for use with wood, plastic, fabric, and more. Includes 2 glue sticks and a metal stand. Replacement glue sticks are also available.

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Many STEM projects require various construction materials, and this glue gun is one of the tools of choice. It is perfect for making repairs to many surfaces, such as wood, plastic, fabrics, and more. The glue gun's trigger feed and no-drip nozzle make it ideal for a wide variety of projects. It's also great for lab repairs, or for making crafts in the classroom. Comes with 2 glue sticks and a metal stand. Uses 7/16" glue sticks. A package of 20 replacement glue sticks (item #644401) is also available.