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Carolina Biological Supply Company Delivered Science Kits Worldwide to Department of Defense Education Activity Schools

Julie Gates for Carolina Biological Supply Company
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As schools implement the Next Generation Science Standards® Carolina Biological hands-on science kits support high school teachers and students with Carolina Kits 3D™

BURLINGTON, NC, Oct. 22, 2019 –Leading school science supplier Carolina Biological Supply Company, announced that worldwide U.S. military-run high schools started the year ready to teach science using the Next Generation Science Standards® (NGSS) with an array of new Carolina Kits | 3D™. Carolina's exclusive distributor to the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Effective Communication Strategies, LLC, won a five-year contract to provide Carolina science kits for DoDEA's 163 schools. DoDEA is transitioning now to the NGSS as its College and Career Ready Standards for Science for grades 6 through 12. In preparation, it secured new instructional resources for its teachers that build toward three-dimensional teaching and learning. Science teachers at schools serving American children of military parents domestically in the U.S. and internationally are using Carolina's engaging hands-on lab kits to investigate science phenomena. The schools are located in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Puerto Rico and overseas in Bahrain, Belgium, Germany, Guam, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and Turkey. Carolina Kits | 3D™ for High School Biology and Carolina Kits | 3D™ for High School Chemistry are for high school life science and chemistry labs. The initial order was for 53 kits, composed of almost 7,000 units. It was for 50 of DoDEA's 163 schools.

DoDEA emphasizes the importance of providing middle and high school children with many opportunities to explore science concepts (disciplinary core ideas) in conjunction with the skills and abilities of scientists and engineers (science and engineering practices). This allows students to connect new understandings to related experiences (crosscutting concepts). The combination of these three dimensions provides students with learning experiences to apply their science and engineering knowledge and skills to understand natural phenomena and solve problems.

To enable teachers to meet the new NGSS standards, DoDEA conducted an extensive search for science products last year for middle and high school instructional resources. The search criteria included hands-on and digital resources for biology, chemistry and physics. DoDEA required materials to support intentional teaching and purposeful learning of the DoDEA-adapted NGSS.

DoDEA required research-based and NGSS-compatible science instructional resources for high school students and teachers. With plans to use a three-course model employing the NGSS, it was vital to DoDEA that Carolina kits covered all the disciplinary core ideas within the disciplines of life science, physical science, and Earth science and space science in a flexible way that can be taught in three courses. Scopes and sequences could differ as long as all of the disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and science and engineering practices are covered in three courses.

"We're excited that DoDEA chose Carolina Biological for meeting its NGSS alignment criteria to provide instructional resources that its science teachers need to teach over the next five years," said Mark Meszaros, Vice President and Core Products Management & Innovation, at Carolina Biological. "We are proud to have been selected by DoDEA to partner with their teachers as they transition to incorporating rigorous NGSS into their school labs around the world."

Carolina kits were selected by DoDEA because they use student-centered instructional resources to help students make meaning of science, support the NGSS, and provide in-depth investigations for students to explore natural phenomena and solve problems through hands-on work. The kits' embedded assessments were also required to determine student progress and to enable teachers to make data-informed decisions to plan for differentiated instruction. Another essential component is that the kits provide in-depth content and pedagogy for teachers, explaining how the materials meet the shifts and expectations outlined in the NGSS and are based on best practices in science teaching.

Carolina Kits | 3D™

The NGSS call for students to engage in science and engineering practices, while applying core ideas and crosscutting concepts. Carolina Kits | 3D™ help teachers implement successful hands-on laboratories for their NGSS classrooms.

With each Carolina Kit | 3D, students engage the three dimensions to make sense of an investigative phenomenon and answer a driving question. Student artifacts provide tangible evidence that students have woven together science and engineering practices, core ideas, and crosscutting concepts. Students engage in scientific behaviors such as gathering data and asking questions. Carolina kit manuals highlight the science and engineering practices introduced and developed in each kit.

The activities in each kit build toward performance expectations of the NGSS, crossing science disciplines and making connections between them. Carolina kit manuals also include point-of-use strategies for differentiated instruction and addressing misconceptions. Each kit also comes with access to digital resources designed to engage students and support the lab.


Carolina Kits | 3D are available now online from Carolina Biological Supply Company. Teachers can purchase the kits either as individual lab modules or as an entire series, as needed for their classrooms. Digital resources are included and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with internet access. The average price for one Carolina Kits | 3D lab module is approximately $125. For information or to purchase, teachers and administrators can call (336) 538-6211 or visit www.carolina.com.

The Department of Defense Education Activity

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) (https://www.dodea.edu/) serves the educational needs of the dependents of military and civilian employees by providing PK-12 instruction to about 71,000 students in 163 brick-and-mortar schools. Student enrollment varies based primarily on the deployment of military troops worldwide. DoDEA's curriculum, resources, and student achievement scores on standardized assessments compare favorably to those of high-performing US public school systems. In North America DoDEA runs 51 schools located in seven states, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. In Europe and the Middle East, DoDEA operates 65 schools located in Germany, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Bahrain. In the Pacific, DoDEA has 47 schools located in Korea, Japan (mainland and Okinawa), and Guam. DoDEA also operates a fully accredited Virtual High School with teaching hubs in the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

From its beginnings in 1927, Carolina (www.carolina.com) has grown to become the leading supplier of biological and other science teaching materials in the world. Headquartered in Burlington, NC, Carolina serves customers worldwide, including teachers, students, and professionals in science and health-related fields. The company is still privately owned by descendants of the founder, geology and biology professor Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr.

*Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, these products.