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Carolina Biological Launches New K-5 Spanish Language Resources for Building Blocks of Science™ 3D

Julie Gates for Carolina Biological Supply Company
Booth #109 at Spring CUE 2019
562-429-5972 or jgatespr@yahoo.com

Spanish Resources help teachers provide equity in classrooms to non-native English speakers as they integrate Carolina's inquiry-based science curriculum and digital simulations

PALM SPRINGS, CA, March 14, 2019 –During the Spring CUE conference, Carolina Biological Supply Company, the leading school science supplier, launched new Spanish language instructional materials for schools using Building Blocks of Science3D. Student and teacher resources provide clear instructions to teachers and students who are English language learners (ELL) to give teachers and students important language support to enable students to learn the science content. These Spanish resources support teachers using any of the hands-on unit kits in Carolina's Building Blocks of Science 3D series for students in grades K to 5, which was recently adopted in California. Educators at CUE are invited to visit Carolina's booth #109 to learn more about the program and attend its Workshop, "Blended Learning in the STEM Classroom," on Sat., March 16 at 2pm. Digital Spanish versions of the curriculum materials are now included and accessible through Carolina's digital portal with any Building Blocks of Science 3D unit purchase at no additional charge. Print-format is offered as an add-on purchase through Carolina.

Building Blocks of Science 3D is a complete, inquiry-based program that integrates engineering into every grade and includes everything teachers need for their entire class for every lesson and activity with hands-on materials, print, and digital simulations and components for one all-inclusive price.

"Carolina Biological knows that teachers have their hands full as they work hard every day to meet rigorous NGSS standards and face even more challenges to ensure ELL students learn science content," said David Heller, Director of Curriculum Products and Development, at Carolina. "To meet a growing demand for instructions in Spanish for teachers and students, we are providing resources in Spanish to help teachers using Building Blocks of Science 3D create equity for their non-English speaking students.

"The Teacher Guide especially is something teachers wanted to save time translating and make sure ELL students are able to understand important instructions. This will really help teachers reach and engage ELL students in our science unit investigations, simulations and digital activities at the same level as their English-speaking classmates."

Building Blocks of Science 3D Spanish resources help ELL and dual-language students learn the language of science, while learning the English language through a scaffolding strategy. Carolina was deliberate in how resources were offered in Spanish. In select resources, simulations for example, only the directions are in Spanish. This is intentional so that teachers can present the simulation in English for the whole class. Teachers scaffold their ELL students by providing them with directions in Spanish, making clear how the simulation works, while the English text within the simulation helps students acquire the English language by 1) providing a visual, a key part of ELL instruction, to illustrate the vocabulary and 2) encouraging students to use and practice the English vocabulary and terminology.

Spanish resources can help elementary teachers using Building Blocks of Science 3D curriculum fit science into busy school days, while quickly and easily differentiating instruction for ELL students. The core curriculum combines interactive investigations, literacy components, and digital resources to teach students science content and investigative skills. It meets Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Performance Expectations and exposes students to science phenomena – all in just 30-minute lessons.

Support for Teachers

Building Blocks of Science 3D Instrucciones de la clase en español provides everything teachers need to teach a lesson in Spanish:

  • Anchoring and Investigative Phenomena
  • Standards and 5E Instructional Model References
  • Background information
  • Glossary
  • Investigation Procedures that include: Guiding Questions and anticipated student response, Teacher and Digital Tips, Differentiation Strategies, Literacy Connections and Identifying Phenomena

Teachers need a variety of ways to deliver concepts and differentiate instruction in order to reach every student, including ELL students. The Building Blocks of Science 3D hands-on investigation kits, a variety of digital media, and printed resources in English and Spanish all work together to make every student a confident learner. The program meets an important NGSS requirement by providing students with multiple opportunities to interact with each of the three dimensions. Digital simulations offer formative assessment that gives instant feedback to students. The program's 99 simulations give a straightforward and quick way for teachers to assess student understanding. The custom-created simulations are directly tied to the phenomena in the units. Digital assessment resources available in Spanish include: Summative Assessment, Tell Me More Formative Assessment and Scenario-Based Digital Assessment.

Resources for Students

For ELL students, Building Blocks of Science 3D offers all student reading materials in Spanish. Student Literacy Readers in Spanish language are available in print format. Additional digital resources in Spanish are easily accessible for students online. These include: Interactive student investigation sheets, simulation instructions, interactive whiteboard activities, interactive student readers and student literacy e-books. Printable PDF versions of student investigation sheets are also available online.


Building Blocks of Science 3D Spanish resources are available and accessible online at no additional charge to schools that own or purchase any Building Blocks of Science 3D unit. The student readers are also available for purchase in print-format now, for each grade K-5 unit. Prices for Spanish readers in print range between $34.95 for a pack of six student readers to $199 for one printed teacher resource in Spanish, Instrucciones de la clase en español, through Carolina. For information, visit Carolina's website or to preview Spanish resources, visit www.carolina.com/bbs3dreview. To purchase, educators can call (800) 334-5551, or e-mail curriculum@carolina.com.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

From its beginnings in 1927, Carolina (www.carolina.com) has grown to become the leading supplier of biological and other science teaching materials in the world. Headquartered in Burlington, NC, Carolina serves customers worldwide, including teachers, students, and professionals in science and health-related fields. The company is still privately owned by descendants of the founder, geology and biology professor Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr.