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Readorium Announces Partnership with Carolina Biological

Harriet Isecke, CEO & Founder, Readorium
(201) 836-8403 or harriet.isecke@readorium.com


Bruce Wilcox, Vice President of Carolina Science Online at Carolina Biological Supply Company
(336) 538-6208 or bruce.wilcox@carolina.com

BURLINGTON, NC, March 1, 2019 – "Everyone has the right to science." Readorium Science and Carolina Biological are excited to announce their partnership. Readorium Science is an award-winning, web-based science reading program. It helps students build background knowledge in science with NGSS aligned books that automatically adjust to each student's needs, as they read. Carolina Biological has been providing the finest science educational products to schools and parents for over 90 years.

Both Readorium and Carolina Biological share the mutual goal of helping children achieve academic success by igniting a love of learning and science. Global economic and technological advances have dramatically impacted the work place. The U.S. is not producing enough engineers and scientists to meet the challenges of today’s world. The need for greater student engagement with STEM education is paramount. The goal of this new partnership is to excite students about STEM, by equipping them with the ability to excel in STEM subject areas. Students need the hands-on experiences, as well as reading comprehension skills, to understand science concepts and to seek out new information.

“Implementing Readorium, not only makes teachers more effective in their science teaching, but also reinforces the ability of students to read independently and think critically,” says Bruce Wilcox, Vice President for Carolina Biological. “We are excited to offer Readorium to schools. The merger of solid reading instruction with inquiry-based science ensures that all students are better prepared for reading and science exams, while fostering their natural inquisitive love of hands-on science.”

“Reading is one thing; understanding is another. Students must comprehend science text in order to be truly successful.” says Readorium founder, Harriet Isecke. “We are delighted to partner with Carolina Biological. Students will gain strong background in understanding science concepts through reading, which will make their hands-on learning a much more powerful and connected experience."

About Readorium

Readorium (www.readorium.com) was founded in 2010 with funding from three innovative research grants from the U.S. Department of Education. Readorium, for students in grades 3-8, provides a motivating, automatically adaptive, interactive reading experience, designed to enhance students' nonfiction reading skills and science comprehension. Readorium received the 2018 International Reimagine Award for K-12 Education, the 2016 CODiE Award for Best Reading/English/Language Arts/Instructional Solution and is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

From its beginnings in 1927, Carolina (www.carolina.com) has grown to become the leading supplier of biological and other science teaching materials in the world. Headquartered in Burlington, NC, Carolina serves customers worldwide, including teachers, students, and professionals in science and health-related fields. The company is still privately owned by descendants of the founder, geology and biology professor Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr.