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Learnetic High School Biology (1 teacher, 200 student license)

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The Learnetic high school biology program is a comprehensive digital supplemental biology curriculum. Its student activities support individual and customized learning processes and the teacher content is carefully arranged into interactive whiteboard-oriented exercises. Learnetic High School Biology includes 37 topics that consist of individualized student activities and matching whole-class whiteboard exercises for general- and advanced-level courses.



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Teacher Preview
Structure of plant and animal cells (whiteboard exercise)
Student Preview
Structure of plant and animal cells

High School. Student Activities and Whiteboard Exercises. The Learnetic high school biology program is a comprehensive online collection of biology lessons for students in grades 9–12. Subscription is for 1 year.

Learnetic High School Biology includes:

  • A collection of 201 interactive whiteboard lessons and complementary student activities
  • Covers 37 topics for general and advanced level biology courses. (Click on the "What's Included" tab for topic titles.)
  • Addresses multiple learning styles with comprehensive activities that include simulations, animations, videos, and quick review assessments

Teacher content is carefully arranged into interactive whiteboard-oriented exercises to enhance everyday classroom teaching. The exercises feature a number of editing and annotation tools, allowing teachers to customize the teaching process.

Learn more about how to use Learnetic in your classroom.

Note: This digital product can only be sold and distributed within the US.


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Learnetic Science

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Real World
Students can relate to the realistic applications presented by Learnetic. Animations and graphics are also designed to appeal to them. It's a total package that energizes student participation and encourages collaborative learning.

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Lessons, activities and homework assignments can be tailored by teachers to meet the needs of individual students. Teachers can create their own customized lessons, and they can easily create student tasks and assign them for homework.

Learnetic Math activities and lessons reinforces standards-based topics. Teachers using Learnetic Math have access to a huge bank of material with more than 127 math lessons to select from.