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Gene Regulation BioKit (with Perishables)

Item # 171025P Online Only This product is not available in our print catalog. Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.
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For a class of 30. Students observe repression and induction of the galactosidase gene. By providing various combinations of sugars to Escherichia coli, students "turn on" and "turn off" the lac operon. This simple procedure can be completed in 1 hour; however, incubation and inoculation must occur 36 hours in advance.

Note: Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable materials. o-Nitrophenyl-β-D-galactopyranoside must be kept frozen.

   This item is sold and shipped to schools and businesses only. Not available to individuals or residential addresses. For substitution suggestions, please call us at 800.334.5551 (8am to 8pm, ET, Monday-Friday).


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