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inquiryHub® Genetics Kit

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With the inquiryHub® Genetics Kit, students explore inherited genetic conditions, planning and carrying out investigations to test their ideas and collecting evidence about the structure and function of proteins.



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inquiryHub® is a research-practice partnership that designs, tests, and implements tools and strategies that support teachers in promoting equity and justice in STEM education. Part of a full-year high school biology curriculum, inquiryHub® Genetics is open access and available through Google Drive™. This NGSS-aligned unit is phenomenon based and takes a storyline approach to support students engaging in 3-dimensional learning. In inquiryHub® Genetics, students explore inherited genetic conditions. They plan and carry out investigations to test their ideas and collect evidence about the structure and function of proteins. Kit includes sufficient materials for 30 students working in groups of 4 (or less). Note: The inquiryHub® Biology curriculum is a full-year high school biology course anchored in phenomena and aligned to the framework for NGSS. To download this 3-dimensional curriculum for FREE, click here.

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