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Inquiries in Science: Conserving Resources Kit

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  • Calculate an ecological footprint
  • Create a sustainable community through a role-playing simulation
  • Analyze the effects of everyday activities on natural resources
To explore the concept of conservation, students first calculate the ecological footprint produced from their everyday tasks such as driving and eating. Then, using a Web site, students estimate a more complete footprint to determine the number of planets needed to sustain the human population. In the final activity—creating a sustainable simulated island community through role-playing—students follow a set of guidelines as they make decisions that determine how sustainable their island community is from one generation to the next. Kit includes enough materials for at least 30 students working in groups. Receive a FREE digital Teacher's Manual and Student Guide with kit purchase.


What’s Included:
  • 10 Plastic Cups, 9 oz
  • 40 Plastic Cups, 4 oz
  • 30 Dice
  • 30 Ecological Footprint Worksheets
  • 3,000 Stackable Chips, 4 Colors
  • 40 Plastic Lids, 4 oz
  • 10 Resource Simulation Mats
  • 1 Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  Dry Erase Markers
  •  Computers with Internet Access
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