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Inquiries in Science: Investigating Legislation Multi-Class Equipment Set

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Inquiries in Science: Investigating Legislation Multi Class Equipment Set provides additional lab supplies so you can use item #251418 Investigating Legislation Kit in 1 additional class section per day. Note: Order an extra Kit Refill (item #251468 with perishable materials or item #251477 with voucher) for each additional class section. For example, to teach the kit in 3 environmental science sections on same day, purchase 1 kit, 2 kit refills, and 2 multi class equipment sets. Requires Inquiries in Science: Investigating Legislation Kit.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Tubing, 10 ft
  • 15 Pipets, 3 mL
  • 5 Deli Trays
  • 5 Petri Dishes
  • 5 Rubber Stoppers, #0, 1-hole
  • 5 Rubber Stoppers, #4, 1-hole
  • 10 Rigid Plastic Tubes
  • 5 Test Tubes
  • 30 Plastic Spoons
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