The right equipment will help your biotech labs run smoothly.
The right equipment will help your biotech labs run smoothly.|Carolina Staff

Biotechnology Equipment Buying Guide

Choosing the right biotechnology equipment can be a real challenge. Carolina will help find exactly the right equipment and provide all the support you need.

Carolina Staff

Choosing the right biotechnology equipment for a particular lab exercise—or outfitting an entire laboratory—can be a real challenge. Fortunately, the staff here at Carolina understands the demands of science educators. With our diverse selection of quality products and world class service, we’ll help find exactly the right equipment and provide all the support you need.

Not sure what kits to use with our equipment? Start with these 2 guides: “Which Electrophoresis Kit Is Right for You?” and “Which PCR Kit Is Right for You?” to help you choose a kit that fits.

Want more assistance? Call our customer support team at 800.334.5551 and let our staff and technical experts help.

Top 3 Biotech Basics

Whether you are a veteran biotech educator or you’re new to teaching this exciting subject, there are 3 things that every lab must have to complete introductory to advanced biotechnology activities.

• Power supply

• Gel Electrophoresis Chamber

• Laboratory Pipettors

Power Supplies

A power supply applies the electrical field in DNA electrophoresis. These units come in fixed or adjustable voltages that accommodate 2 or 4 electrophoresis chambers. Other features such as a digital readout, timer, and size may be important in choosing your power supply.

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Electrophoresis Chambers

The gel electrophoresis unit houses your gel matrix, DNA samples, and running buffer. It is built with platinum wire on opposite ends of the chamber that create 2 poles (cathode and anode), with DNA migrating to the anode. These units are designed with either a single tray or stackable trays to accommodate more samples.

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Laboratory Pipettors

Transferring small amounts of liquid from one container to another using very accurate measurements requires laboratory pipettors. Ranging from volumes of 0.5 µL to 1000 µL, pipettors also vary by ergonomic design, material, resistance to UV, and calibration system.

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Imaging Systems

This equipment allows you to visualize DNA or protein that has been stained on a gel using molecular dyes. Different types of illumination can used to make DNA or protein visible to the human eye. For instance, UV and LED illumination is appropriate for samples stained with ethidium bromide, or GelGreen™.* White light illumination is sufficient for samples stained with our CarolinaBLU™ DNA Stain.

To document your results, we offer a complete system with camera, filter and hood. Or you can use our Carolina™ GelView system that includes a pass band filter and a docking station for your smartphone or tablet. We also have clever integrated systems like the blueGel™ Integrated Electrophoresis and Visualization System.

* May require filter

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Incubators and Water Baths

Carolina® Digital Incubators
Carolina® Digital Incubators

Manipulating molecules using temperature is common in biotechnology. Carolina offers many options that control temperature to exacting degrees. Our water and dry bath options can be controlled manually or digitally, and come in different volumes and with many accessories to accommodate sample tubes. In short, we have everything you need to make heat shock procedures and DNA digests a breeze.

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Thermal Cyclers

If you’re looking at performing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in the classroom, Carolina offers units that accommodate 8 samples all the way to 96 well plates of differing dimensions. Most feature a touch screen interface to input custom programs. For a unique, portable experience that uses your smart device, consider the miniPCR® Thermal Cycler.

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Carolina® Centrifuge
Carolina® Centrifuge

Shopping for centrifuges shouldn’t leave you spinning. Carolina’s quality options make the process easier, with units that spin at speeds from 6000 RPM to 14,000 RPM. Choose from digital, refrigerated, interchangeable adapters/rotors and much more. As always, you can turn to our customer support team for help.

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